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Hello, my name is Lisa Brown and I’ve been the Executive Director for 3 years at the Pregnancy Centre.  I have spent my career working with children, youth and families in a variety of areas.  I have a diploma in counselling and about 20 years’ experience in crisis and peer counselling. I believe we all have a personal story that’s worth processing and sharing.  We are all the sum of our choices; the positive and not so positive.  I am passionate about supporting people to let go of the past and embrace healthy change.  I believe we all have the capacity for personal growth and change and we all need a little help from time.  I’ve been married for 20 years and I have 2 teenagers that I love spending time with.  In my spare time I love to sing, play guitar and walk the trails here in the valley! 

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Hello There!  My name is Jemima Tabernero, and I am the Assistant Director. I’ve been working at the CVPCC 3 years, and look forward to what every year brings. I’m fairly new to the Valley! Residing on the island for about 4 years. I grew up in Winnipeg, Manitoba and graduated from the U of M with a Bachelor of Arts; Major in Psychology. Counselling is a strong passion of mine, as I’ve always been interested in the emotional, behavioral and psychological process of those encountering trauma, grief and most importantly, healing. I enjoy having that space with people, where vulnerable discussion and reflection can happen. To be a part of someone’s growth in any way is a great fulfillment.