The CVPCC is a Non-Profit Community Resource and Peer Support Centre.

All of our Services are Free & Confidential.

As a Peer Support Centre we offer practical support like diapers, formula, clothing, groceries, and assistance applying for post secondary education grants.

We also offer emotional health support following a miscarriage or abortion with our grief & loss recovery programs.

Our grief recovery program covers more than 40 life events that can cause feelings of loss and grief such as trauma, broken relationships and death. These programs are facilitated by certified Grief Recovery Method Specialists with the Grief Recovery Institute. These supports are a great place to start but they do not replace professional medical advice or seeing a licensed professional counsellor.

If you do not have a family doctor or a licensed counsellor we can assist you in finding one.

We are here to help you in any way we can.

We are a faith-inclusive organization that respects the values and beliefs of our clients. We opened our doors 30 years ago and since then have assisted hundreds of individuals and families, striving to meet emotional and physical needs. We are committed to providing safe and compassionate support in a time when life takes an expected turn. You are not alone.

Our resource-based approach to serving our community assists those in need with 1-1 support meetings and practical supports.

The Pregnancy Care Centre does not discriminate in the delivery of our community and social services. Anyone who comes to the Centre will receive assistance based on their need and our ability to help. Every person is welcome here.