If you have real concerns call 811 and speak to a health professional with the latest accurate information.

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Newsletter August 2020 Story “Just go, I’m not worth your time.”

Newsletter August- 2020 Health Update The fight–flight–freeze response is your body’s natural reaction to danger. It’s a stress response that helps you react to perceived threats, like an oncoming car or growling dog. The response instantly causes Read more…


Grief Support is Moving Online

“To truly heal our hearts, it is essential to take new actions to complete past losses.” Ashley Mielke. As much as we would like time to heal old wounds, unfortunately it doesn’t.  It’s what we Read more…


COVID-19 & New Moms

COMMUNITY NOTICE: Comox Valley Pregnancy Care Centre Support is working to “Stay Staffed” and available to address urgencies and emergencies in our community during this challenging time. If you need assistance, we kindly ask that Read more…